Virtual On-Line Training & Teaching

Teachers helping teachers with technology


Below are listed a few of the recent projects and schools with which we have been associated:

The CELT Corp, (Connecting Educational Leadership and Technology) of Marlborough, Massachusetts is dedicated to helping educational organizations realize their goals by "integrating high quality, mission-critical technology products and services with the organization's people and processes."

The Virtual High School (VHS) At the end of its five year federal grant period, the Virtual High School (VHS) was a cooperative of over 300 high schools in over 30 states and 10 foreign countries offering online courses developed and taught by teachers for students in the cooperative.

Cambridge College in conjunction with Persons School, formerly known as the Marlboro Graduate Center, has created an intensive "Masters of Teaching with Internet Technologies" program. The curriculum is designed to offer teachers, of all ages and disciplines, pedagogically sound methodologies for incorporating the use of technology and the internet into their classrooms.

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