Virtual On-Line Training & Teaching

Teachers helping teachers with technology


Mission Statement

Our mission at VOLTT is to help school districts develop, for their students and teachers, the most engaging and effective online learning experiences possible. Based on years of our own online educational experiences, current research in the field, new understandings of learning theory, learner preferences, and educational best practices, we offer our clients the chance to become leaders in their learning communities. Key VOLTT goals are to work online and face-to-face with professional educators, teaching them the pedagogy, technology, and collaborative skills necessary to create and/or teach existing courses online as well as other basic technological skills.

As many states across the United States are mandating teachers to understand and teach with technology in order to maintain their teaching certification, the need for excellent, time-efficient, and productive training is extreme. In rural areas of the country, getting the mandatory training is difficult at best, often requiring long drives to regional centers of higher education. With its experienced staff of professionals, VOLTT will allow continuing education and the delivery of content rich curriculum to be much more accessible. VOLTT will "level the Professional Development playing field" while bringing new practices to teachers and their hosting schools.

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